Paul Ecke is a mid-career painter of contemporary non-figurative and figurative works on canvas and panel.  His works are an amalgam of color, texture and movement achieved through application of oil and acrylic paints to canvas, all applied by brush, hand and even trowel.  The results are magnificent, colorful, thought and emotion-provoking images that convey the inner strength, conviction and complexity of the artist.

With his formal education complete, Ecke pursued a career teaching art in the California public school system.  He headed the entire district art program for Centralia School District of Buena Park, California.  Ecke enjoyed his nine years as an educator but longed to pursue a full-time career in the creation of his own art.

Paul Ecke was educated at California State University, Fullerton, receiving degrees in art with  

emphasis in ceramic arts and painting.  His classical training taught him to represent the human form.His skill as a ceramicist affects his paintings, giving them a three-dimensional quality through the application of textural media to his works on canvas.

Regardless of the subject, Paul Ecke’s work continues to evoke deep soulful responses from viewers who often find themselves mesmerized in front of Ecke’s canvases.  People are drawn by the expressive brushstrokes, colors and textures that have become his signature.

Paul Ecke has been a full-time contributor to the contemporary art world since 1985.  His works are in the collections of the Metropolitan Museum of Art, Manila, Philippines and the Daytona, Florida’s Museum of Arts and Science.  He has shown in galleries in New York, Chicago, San Diego, Palm Springs, Florida, the Philippines and Bali, Indonesia.  His works are in many private and corporate collections including those of Universal Studios, Jimmy Z Sportswear, Taco Bell, Flojet Corporation, Carsey Warner Productions and Dionne Warwick’s collection.  Works by Paul Ecke are already slated to be part of endowment of contemporary paintings and graphics art to London’s Museum of Contemporary Art.  Paul Ecke’s has been the featured artist in numerous art publications.

Ecke’s compositions are based on abstractions.  Each painting’s quality lied in is power to suggest many rich and varied analogies, however diverse they may be.  The works are rich in inspired concepts that follow a stream of thought has always fascinated the artist.