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Artist’s Memoir Describes How Traumatic Childhood Fueled Creativity

Thursday, March 28, 2019By Maureen Cavanaugh, Megan Burke

Southern California artist Paul Ecke usually expresses his dreams and deepest feelings through painting. However, he instead turned to the written word to tell the full tale of his challenges, struggles and victories through a complicated life.



Artist Memoir Boy Dreamer by Paul Ecke to Have Screenplay Penned by Actor Screenwriter Jacob Kyle Young

Tuesday, February 12th 2019

Actor and screenwriter Jacob Kyle Young just penned an agreement to turn Paul Ecke’s book, Boy Dreamer: An Artist’s Memoir of Identity, Awakening, and Beating the Odds into screenplay for 2020 production.



An Abstract Life: Artist Paul Ecke pens a memoir that will hearten you, inspire you & maybe shock you


“Every painting unravels a story,” says local artist and Black Iris co-founder Paul Ecke, whose works, mostly abstract paintings, are displayed in high-end galleries all over the world.


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November 30, 2018 | by Dory Benford

Paul Ecke expresses himself through his art. One of this painter and sculptor’s many gifts is the ability to find the beauty in everything — even a devastating cancer diagnosis.

BOY Dreamer: book Signing, March 30, 2019 by Paul Ecke


Book Signing

Author, Paul Ecke will be signing his new book: “BOY DREAMER: An Artist’s Memoir of Identity, Awakening and Beating the Odds”. The artist’s inspirational story was just selected to be written as a screenplay penned by Jacob Kyle Young for 2020 production of a feature film.

Books will be available for sale at the event. A portion of the proceeds of all art and book sales will be donated to Orangewood Foundation, a nonprot provider of services to foster youth.

March 30th, 6-9PM

7946 Ivanhoe Avenue, La Jolla, CA 92037

CONTEMPORARY Fine Arts, La Jolla, CA: March 30, 2019 6:00-9:00PM by Paul Ecke

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Paul Ecke


Paul Ecke will be signing his new book: “BOY DREAMER: An Artist’s Memoir of Identity, Awakening and Beating the Odds”. The artist’s inspirational story was just selected to be written as a screenplay penned by Jacob Kyle Young for 2020 production of a feature film.

Enjoy a retrospective collection of Ecke’s artwork. Books will be available for sale at the event. A portion of the proceeds of all art and book sales will be donated to Orangewood Foundation, a nonprot provider of services to foster youth.

7946 Ivanhoe Avenue, La Jolla, CA 92037

Salton Sea Art Show : February 12, 2016, 12:00 p.m. - 1:30 p.m. by Paul Ecke

Paul Ecke "Waterfalls"

Paul Ecke "Waterfalls"

SEArtists is a division of SEAthletes, and partners with artists and the Salton Sea community to bring awareness to the sea and to be mindful of California’s largest body of water.

For every one friend we can reach through sharing art on the sea, we will be able to increase passionate Salton Sea advocates tenfold. If we translate our passion into purpose, and purpose into action, we will be able to improve the Salton Sea community and ultimately the longevity of the sea.

Donna McGinnis

Donna McGinnis

Betsy Stewart

Betsy Stewart

Paul Ecke "Fractal"

Paul Ecke "Fractal"

Paul Ecke "Fractal"

Paul Ecke "Fractal"

Georgi Andronov

Georgi Andronov

Space Gallery, Denver Opening: September 10, 2015 by Paul Ecke

Press Release

Exhibition: CONFLUENCE
Showing: September 10th 2015 - October 17th 2015

Denver—Water. Rising sea levels, tales of drought and increasing scarcity, discussions around its rights, its uses, its increasingly critical role as a global currency: Water is a critical planetary issue that’s very much front and center for those of us in Colorado. And now, it’s the subject of an evocative and thought-provoking new exhibition at Denver’s Space Gallery.

“Water is a complex and loaded topic,” says curator and gallerist Michael Burnett. “And in this showing, we’ll explore Confluence as the place where art and issues come together.”

Confluence, featuring works by Tyler Aiello, Monica Aiello, Betsy Stewart and Paul Ecke, examines the subject of water—not in an overtly political way, but rather as a way to fuse creativity with our conscious awareness of the subject matter. In Confluence, the artists employ unexpected shapes, colors and media to suggest the presence of water, our involvement with it and, by implication, the considerations that accompany it.

“Art is perhaps the truest and most immediate form of storytelling,” artist Paul Ecke reflected. “And water gives us a vital and important story to tell.”

Artist and environmental activist Monica Aiello agrees. “Literally and metaphorically, rivers are the life blood of Earth. Like our own circulatory systems, they bring life to global civilizations. It’s a topic we must pay attention to and a conversation that must be had. We no longer have a choice.”

“In this space, at this time,” Michael Burnett concludes, “water will inform an intimate experience with art. We see will see a confluence of the beauty, the urgency and the necessity. And if we walk away with one more moment of consideration for the truth behind the beauty, then this show will have done its job.”

The exhibit runs through October 17th at Space Gallery, 400 Santa Fe Drive, the southernmost anchor of Denver’s thriving Santa Fe Arts District.

Artist Paul Ecke

Artist Paul Ecke

Fellow Showing Artist Betsy Stewart from Washington DC

Fellow Showing Artist Betsy Stewart from Washington DC

Schoos Night Gallery Opening, Los Angeles: July 31, 2015 by Paul Ecke

For Immediate Release Paul Ecke

Mechanisms & Meditations Paintings and SculptureArtist Opening Reception Friday, July 31, 2015 Exhibition continues through August 31, 2015

SCHOOS NIGHT GALLERY 8271 Santa Monica Blvd. Los Angeles CA 90046 Tel: 323.822.2800

Schoos Night Gallery is pleased to announce as its
premiere exhibition: Paul Ecke: Mechanisms and &
Meditations. For over 30 years, Ecke has created
paintings that are an amalgam of color, texture and movement achieved through application of oil and acrylic paints, all applied by brush, hand and even trowel. In this body of work, which consists of his well known industrial paintings and also newly developed waterfall series, the artist has experimented with reclaimed materials paired with digital media to tell a comprehensive narrative about the connections between humans and industry. Deep within each of his works is the concept of the vast connectiveness between us as a global population and our own personal inner spiritual dialogue.

These works have brought Ecke back to his earlier influences where the artist exemplifies his original techniques of constructing and deconstructing a composition so that the work is self evident. For many of his new works, Ecke has enjoyed utilizing resin paired with mixed media techniques to create a unified marriage between the technological and traditional approaches to art making.

Paul Ecke has been a full-time contributor to the contemporary art world since 1985.  His works are in the collections of the University of Michigan Museum of Art, Michigan , De Saisset Museum of Art, Santa Clara, Crocker Museum of Art, Sacramento and Chapman University, Orange. For more information on the artist, please visit

Axiom Contemporary, Los Angeles: June 3, 2013 by Paul Ecke

Press Release

Showing: JUNE 3RD 2015 - JULY 2015

Paul Ecke’s newest works encompass the nuances of the word conversations.  A conversation in its purest sense is the ideal form of communication because it allows for the element of dialogue to enter where dissimilar points of view can be raised and engaged upon. For a successful conversation, there must a sense of balance and mutually interesting connections.  Here is where Ecke’s newest series excels in its complexity.  

Where his “Fractals” suite emphasized the power of singular thought placed into the form of prayer, “Conversations” delves into the richness of dialogue with others and oneself.  This has been a very personal journey for Ecke, as he has had to confront illness this past year.  This path has allowed him to touch a more empathetic and patient part of himself. 

Each painting is titled conversation as one is not more important than the others nor is there a beginning or end.  Instead Ecke asks the viewer to walk along his path where sometimes in the quiet moments of waiting, which he inscribes on many of the works, he finds answers greater than himself.  

The childlike drawings impart a sense of whimsy and playfulness but on a deeper more intuitive level these show the psychological affect that sickness has not only on the body but also on one’s spirit.  Ecke travels back to a child’s interpretation of safety with the entrance of the circle.  The form becomes a symbol of unity, completeness and wellness.  In many ways it harkens back to the comfort of the womb and the safety of a mother’s caressing arms.  

Throughout the works there is the element of words.  It is through language that man separates himself from the animal kingdom.  Words can harm and at the same time words can also create.  In breaking down the letters and then building them up again, Ecke breathes new life and a new beginning into these letters.  He asks us to question not only outwardly for meaning but inwardly.  For only in understanding ourselves can we grasp the universe beyond.  And in coming to the beauty within then can we bring wholeness and kindness to others.